Smart Building Features

At Pinto Properties our mission is to elevate the tenant experience. One of the ways we are doing this is by finding new technologies to implement that enhance the comfort, safety, security, and convenience of living in our buildings and your new home.

For example more of our tenants than ever before are shopping online and ordering products from a variety of vendors. This is why we are adding secure parcel delivery systems to our new buildings to allow tenants to easily shop and pick up their packages with ease and confidence. You get notified when your package has been delivered into our secure parcel management system in our building and you can access the lock box with your phone.

Keys can become a thing of the past with our smart integrated lock system. You can access smart meeting rooms, outdoor patio spaces, and of course your suite with nothing but your smart phone. If you are a tenant who wants a backup option then key fobs are also available for an extra charge.

There are many other smart features in our new projects and we look forward to talking about them with you. Call us today!


CCTV – Security Cameras

  • Easily Store and Share Incidents
  • Feel Protected

Smart Intercom

  • Convenience – See who is here to see you and buzz them from anywhere.
  • Two way video calling

Parcel Management 

  • Contactless smart locker solutions to accept any deliveries.
  • Get notified as soon as your package arrives and easily pick it up from a secure locker.

Smart Switches & Outlets

  • Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs
  • Peace of mind – Turn off appliances or electronics remotely with smart outlets
  • Convenience – Control lights and set timers to automatically come on at certain times of the day.

Smart Thermostats

  • Precision Comfort – Access and control the climate in your apartment right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no matter where you are
  • Custom Schedules – Manage your temperature settings with automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system activity.
  • Critical Temperature Alerts – Receive text or email alerts to know instantly if the temperature is outside your pre-set limits.

Smart Lock

Your Phone is your new key! (Key fobs are also available for those who want them)

Remote Control – Use your phone to instantly know the status of the front door and easily lock or unlock your door no matter where you are.

Alerts – Easily customize notifications to know when a door is left open or to see when someone is entering your apartment.

Time Limited Access – Use your phone to create unique pin codes for friends and family and remove codes whenever you need to.


Water Leak Detector & Shut-off Valve

  • Monitors moisture levels on any surface
  • Built-in temperature sensors notifies of freezing pipes or extreme temperatures
  • Discrete form factor, 3mm thick
  • Located in laundry areas, kitchens, and bathrooms