Our Rental Properties

Our Rental Properties

82 Homes for Rent / 238 Homes Under Construction


Garneau Studios

Located in Garneau one of Edmonton’s most Sought-after neighbourhoods. Garneau has quiet beautiful tree lined streets and is walking distance to the UofA, restaurants, bars, shopping, and grocery stores


Juniper Point Residences

If you want to live on a quiet tree lined street in one of the most iconic locations in Edmonton then Juniper Point Residences should be your next address.


Coming Fall 2024

Located in the heart of Garneau this new building will have something for everyone with a variety of amenities, a focus on functional design, and suites ranging from 3 bedroom family units to bachelor suites.


Coming Fall 2025

Located in the Mckernan/Belgravia area just south of the University of Alberta, these high end and thoughtfully designed suites will offer an elevated tenant experience unmatched in this community.


South Edmonton Townhomes & Condos

We rent a variety of 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom townhomes and condos in Edmonton South of the River Valley. Our homes have upgraded kitchens, modern designs, and are maintained to the highest standards.

Live Central & Be Active

Giving up your daily commute and choosing to live central and next to our incredible river valley may be the change you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a more active lifestyle, to reduce your environmental footprint, or save money by not owning a car…we have Rentals you will love. We focus on building our developments in the best and most central neighbourhoods in Edmonton which makes living car free not only a practical but an attractive lifestyle choice. Because of where we build our properties walking, jogging, biking, or taking transit to your favorite destinations is convenient and easy. Save money, get active, and minimize your carbon footprint by choosing to live car free. Call us and find your rental today!

Do I Need to Own a Car?

Canadian vehicle owners use their car only 4% of the time on average. That means that the average car owner is making car payments and insurance payments monthly to have their vehicle sit 96% of the time. With the increasing cost of vehicles, fuel, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle insurance it is worth asking the question if your money is better spent elsewhere. With transit, Uber, and car share in the city and vehicle rental companies everywhere for those weekend mountain trips…car ownership is no longer essential for a great lifestyle. Live Central and Be Active. Car free living is a practical choice and may be the change you are looking for. Call us and find your rental today!

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